About Nationwide Extracare Services

Nationwide Extracare Services is an independent healthcare services provider as well as supplier of quality healthcare professionals and staff to the NHS and Care homes.  We have a passion for caring, compassion and professionalism.

As a quality healthcare services provider, we are committed to delivering services with a holistic outlook and focus on extra-care, compassion, respect, professionalism and a detailed level of attention to our clients’ and service users’ needs.  We offer outstanding value for money and our services and rates are very competitive.

We are a top rate recruitment agency specialising in the supply of quality staff to the healthcare service industry.  We match the perfect jobs with the perfect candidates, according to the requirements and needs of our clients.    Our staff are well trained professionals.  We place strong emphasis on continuous and ongoing training of our staff and we match the perfect job with the right staff, and the perfect staff with the right job, with consideration given to relevant skills vis-à-vis the needs of the roles.  Rest assured that our staff are thoroughly vetted and DBS checked, and we crosscheck their references.

We have strong connections and have built trusting working relationships with our clients and service users on personal levels.

Core Values

We have a passion for caring, compassion and professionalism.  Our core values are:

  • compassion
  • caring
  • respect, and
  • professionalism. 

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Our Aim

Our aim is to provide extra level of care, support and logistics to vulnerable individuals that wish to be cared for in the comfort of their homes and/or in a Care home.  We supply a range of fully trained staff covering the spectrum of healthcare services to meet the needs of service users.  Our aim is to provide the right level of care and support required or needed.

Our vision

Our vision is to be an outstanding healthcare services provider, committed to a holistic approach to healthcare services and caring with compassion. Our mission statement is our commitment to caring for people in need of care, with passion and compassion.  And our core values are compassion, caring, respect and professionalism.  These values guide our work like a moral compass, and remind us of the things that matter most to us when we do our work or deliver services.  

Our Carers

Our carers have previous experience in various aspects of care services, be it in support with personal care, going to bed, getting up, getting around and support with housework and preparing meals.  Our experienced carers offer round the clock support and 24/7 assistance.

Staff resources for hospitals and care homes

As a recruitment company, we supply quality staff to care homes and the NHS.  We work with various healthcare institutions and supply highly skilled and experienced staff they need to run a safe, healthy and caring environment. From temporary cover for staff illnesses or maternity leave to permanent positions, we match the perfect staff with the right jobs that suit their skills and the needs of the job.

We offer very good rates and flexible working arrangements suitable to our staff and our service users.  We offer great flexibility.  Our staff choose the working arrangements that suit their needs and other commitments. We always have suitable vacancies, as we are an ever expanding organisation

Quality healthcare at the core

Quality healthcare services is at the core or the centre of our work, hence we take extra-care to ensure that appropriately skilled and qualified professionals deliver our services to our clients and end users.  We believe that every patient should receive excellent quality care at every level, and we value good training for our staff.  Our well trained and highly experienced staff, care workers and nursing professionals, have the requisite skills, experience, professionalism and passion to provide excellent quality care and assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days of the week.  

We also offer quality training in various healthcare fields, and give advice and support for candidates aspiring to move up in their careers to the next level or renew their qualifications or achieve requisite certification for their skills.  

How we compare

What stands us out among our competitors is our quest for excellence, professionalism, wholesome, holistic and attention to details and our extra-care approach to our work.  Our customer care is exemplary, while our staff team or workforce is highly skilled and well trained, and they understand the ethos and core values of our work.

We work with healthcare professionals across the spectrum, from registered nurses to support workers. To ensure quality of care, we lay emphasis on the need for appropriate and ongoing training of our workforce, and we ensure that each candidate is appropriately qualified.

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